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Arlette K. head portrait

Arlette K.

My husband and I were two of the first people to move into Vintage Cooperative in Sept. 2013. We did this because he had the beginning of a form of dementia and we didn’t know what was ahead. By living at Vintage Cooperative he could move to the other side for assisted living or memory care and I’d be just “across the town center” to visit him or bring him to our unit. Since then he has passed away, but do you know what? I love living here. There are always people around so I never feel isolated in my house. There are a lot of things to do, if I want to. I have taken part in a lot of activities, committees and just “people groups”. It is a great place to live.

Linda M portrait head shot

Linda M

We had been on the reservation list for several years but were not anxious to leave our townhome. A slippery driveway in January got us to reconsider. Lucky for us a unit was available.

We loved the unit and it felt like home from day one. The members are so friendly and helpful. Enjoy morning coffee, sitting on the patio, pot lucks, card games and gardening (small but back friendly). Sitting around the firepit, watching the sunset, cornhole games and making new friends.

The heated garage and wash bay are so appreciated. No steps and having an elevator make life so much easier. Our staff is great. You won’t need to change another furnace filter, a light bulb or call a repairman. They will water your plants, get your mail and check on your unit while you travel.

Life is good at the Coop.

Larry and Pat B portrait head shots

Larry & Pat B

Why we like living here…We own one share instead of renting or putting down a lot of money we won’t get back. The units are all an open floor plan which makes them seem more spacious (even the smallest unit). This is a friendly, helpful community. We have many activities and committees to be involved in if we choose to.

Shirley S portrait head shot

Shirley S.