Vintage Cooperative of Indianola is adjacent to Vintage Hills Retirement Community, which offers assisted living and memory care services. The Cooperative and Retirement community share a common space, the Town Center, which offers a beauty shop, movie theater, library and game room. Cooperative members are welcome to attend functions at the Retirement community such as music groups, games or guest speakers. Members of the Cooperative have the benefit of being placed at the top of the waiting list for an Assisted living or Memory care apartment.

Having the Cooperative and the Retirement community under the same campus provides peace of mind. For example, if your spouse’s health needs change, they have the option to move next door to receive supportive services in Assisted Living or Memory Care. You can remain living in your Cooperative unit, and know that you spouses’ needs are being taken care of right next door. This makes visits with your spouse extremely easy. You may visit them as often as you would like at the Retirement Community or bring them to your home at the Cooperative for a visit and you do not even need to leave the building to do so.